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Father God, I pray the following for Yes Lord Ministries:

  • Every member is hungry and thirsty for God.
  • Every member walks in love towards God and people.
  • Every member is faithful in honoring God with their time, talent, resources and wealth.
  • Every member is used by God to minister to at least ten souls this year.
  • There are greater manifestations of miracles and healings in our church.
  • There is spiritual growth, unity and understanding in our congregation.
  • Church building(Multi-purpose space) with the following features:
  • 700 plus seating capacity.
  • 250 vehicle parking capacity.
  • Room for offices(Pastor Steve Tolbert, Apostle Willie Tolbert, Apostle Mamie Tolbert, administrative staff & media team).
  • Classrooms (adults/teens/children). 
  • Space for Next Dimensions CDC.                                                                                                                                              
  • Has a banquet hall and commercial kitchen.                                                                                                                      
  • Location is near a college campus.  

In Jesus wonderful name, I receive the answer right now. I believe it is done. Amen.