• I Will Win Because I Am Winning

    Regardless to what you may be encountering, Keep in mind you are a winner! Don’t allow your current situations or circumstances to paralyze your winning mindset. Winners view obstacles part of the course. Jump over them and keep on winning. Winners never quit and quitters never win they just whine! Are you a

  • Time Your Patience

    Often, we become frustrated because everything has not been completed that God has planned for us. Caution: Don’t allow the lack of patience with others to frustrate you because they are not the designated one to bring you through the process. God knows the strategic plans and outcome He has

  • It Is Confirmed!

    Dear Winner, You are hereby notified that when you were created God himself made sure that the best ingredients were placed inside of you in order to enable you to become a winner. All of the waste products such as doubt, fear, unbelief, feelings of inadequacy, other’s negative thoughts of

  • See Your Opportunity

    “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” -Winston Churchill Opportunities to succeed are all around you but you need faith in order to see them. Optimistic people learn through trial and error to make the necessary adjustments in life in order to

  • Your Speech Should Speak

    Your Speech Should Speak to Your Purpose. Your Speech Should Speak with Power. Your Speech Should Change Your Day. Your Speech Should Empower Others.
Your Speech Should Be Remembered.
Your Speech Should Create Something Great.
Don’t Just Talk to hear Yourself Talk, anybody can do that!
But be a Man or Woman of Purpose


    The word that is deep down inside and appears to want to come through is either for you or specifically for some one. Don’t hold back, allow God to use your gift as a way of encouraging somebody right now. There is someone who needs, desires to hear and receive

  • The Next Miracle

    This Next Miracle is going to be so Overwhelming because of the Weight of What is going to Happen for You. At first You thought God had forgotten You. No it had to do with the Dynamics of this Next Miracle that is going to Manifest on Your Behalf. The

  • It’s Time To Happen!

    There is coming for You a Providential, Divine God Orchestrated Connection that will bring to pass all Prophetic Promises Due You in this Season. You have waited a long time, Now Your Answers to Prayer and Words You have Received during this time of your life. Get Excited and Get

  • Open Doors Vs. Closed Doors

    Discern the doors that are being opened and closed. Every door that becomes available may not be for you to walk in. Every door that becomes closed may not be for you today. How will you be able to recognize the correct door? You must seek God’s guidance. Ask, “Is


    There are people, who want to consume your time.  They desire to be first in line for your time. They will get a temper tantrum if they can’t get your time. They will talk about you to other people because they can’t monopolize your time. What is actually being described


    CHERISH GREAT FRIENDSHIPS AND RELATIONSHIPS, minimize those acquaintances that don’t reflect who you are. God thought about each of us throughly when He created us. He used the tool called “LIFE” to bring us into existence. No scientist, philosopher or those that question God’s existence can refute the fact that friendships are developed


      What you have encountered and considered challenging, trying and overwhelming is an indicator of the blessings that God is about to manifest in your life! CAUTION: Don’t cancel God’s destined blessings for your life with words of doubt, fear, unbelief or the thought that you are not deserving. Go