CHERISH GREAT FRIENDSHIPS AND RELATIONSHIPS, minimize those acquaintances that don’t reflect who you are. God thought about each of us throughly when He created us. He used the tool called “LIFE” to bring us into existence. No scientist, philosopher or those that question God’s existence can refute the fact that friendships are developed from intellectual beings communicating and realizing the value of each other’s existence in life.
I had a friend who responded to my recent post entitled, “THIS WEEK WILL BE DIFFERENT.” My friend shared some awesome words of expression. However, few weeks ago while I was in a meeting, I received the news that she passed away unexpectedly. This made me understand clearly that you must treasure your true friends while you have them among you.
Note: Everybody is not your friend, neither are they supposed to be. So be grateful for the people that demonstrate the characteristic and definition of what a friend should be.
Even God is not everybody’s friend, but he definitely wants to be. Establish a relationship with Him immediately or if you have a relationship with Him learn to cultivate it.

Have a God Blessed Day, Much Love to Ya Friend!!!

Apostle Willie Tolbert

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