There are people, who want to consume your time.  They desire to be first in line for your time. They will get a temper tantrum if they can’t get your time. They will talk about you to other people because they can’t monopolize your time. What is actually being described here is people who want access to your time without commitment.

They are too busy with their time to say hello. Too busy with their time to call on your birthday. They don’t have enough of their time to see if you are okay. They don’t understand why you need their time. In other words, they want access without commitment.

Don’t be alarmed at how they don’t appreciate your time. God is used to it, since they want Him to respond for their emergencies but are too busy when God makes requests for their time! So, you have a decision to make regarding your time.

No Commitment No Access = No Time!

Have a God Blessed Day! Much Love to Ya!

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